allia 19 ♀. very much addicted to him. forever intrigued by this mysterious creature. and layhan, gosh, just layhan.

might not be as active as i was back in jan 2013. but i love all you munchkins

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For me Lay hands down stole the entire show. Because of that he deserves his own f*cking wallpapers!! (1920x1080)
head shot / elbow-up / waist-up / surprise

Luhan and Lay carefully listening to Yunho’s advice while Chen……

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lol    chen    Why    

2 years apart

And you think your bias is embarrassing…

get to know me meme: (1/5) female biases - lee jieun (iu)

a wild kyuhyun appears


this gif was serious until I saw the girl in the back with one eye blinking.